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Title and Disclosures

General., is owned by CapitalElly with its headquarters located at No. 14, 12th Main, Hsr sector 1,Bangalore. Any reference in this Licenses and Disclosures to “we” or “us” or similar words shall refer to SalariedLoans, unless otherwise indicated, all such entities referred to as “CapitalElly / SalariedLoans”. Any reference in Licenses and Disclosures to “you” or “your” means the person(s) using the Websites, and/or the good, facilities or services of SalariedLoans offered through alternative methods. SalariedLoans is a marketing lead generator, required to be licensed as a Loan Broker or DSA. SalariedLoans DOES NOT take fund applications, originate, service, make loans or credit decisions in connection with loans, nor does SalariedLoans issue commitments or lock-in agreements.

You should rely on your own judgment in deciding which available loan product, terms and Lender that best suits your personal financial requirements. The Lender is solely responsible for its services to you, and you agree that SalariedLoans, shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, your use of such services. You understand that Lenders may keep your loan request information and any other information provided by SalariedLoans, or received by them in the processing of your loan request, whether or not you are qualified for a loan with them or if you make a loan with them. In addition, SalariedLoans, may receive personally identifiable information regarding the disposition of your loan from the Lender in order to fulfill its regulatory requirements as well as for internal business purposes. You agree to notify any particular Lender directly if you no longer want to receive communications.

Fees. SalariedLoans does not charge you any fee for its services. SalariedLoans receives its compensation from the Lenders or Providers for the goods, facilities and services provided by SalariedLoans. SalariedLoans’s compensation varies by product and service.

Credit. Any loan request you submit is NOT an application for credit. Rather, it is a request to be matched with Lenders to receive conditional loan offers from Lenders. You may have to complete a full application with a Lender before they will extend an unconditional loan offer.

SalariedLoans never Charges an upfront fee, nor ask users to transfer or surrender property titles, or offering to buy a house at a below cost.

SalariedLoans never ask users to bypass the lender and make payments directly to the company or other third party. Users are free to directly contact lender, lawyer, credit counselor, or housing counselor