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Home Loan against Property (LAP)

Loan against Property (LAP)

Gives you access to immediate funds. Available for salaried and self employed

Advantages of LAP

  • Lower EMIs
  • Immediate Funds availability
  • Fast and easy Loan Processing
  • Speedy Approvals
  • Flexible Tenure
  • Simple and Hassle free Documentation

LAP loan against property (LAP) is exactly what the name implies — a loan given or disbursed against the mortgage of property

Apply for loan against property by pledging your commercial or residential property as collateral. Get up to 60% of your property’s value with loan against property. Enjoy competitive interest rates and customised options with the hassle-free processing on loans against property

With low EMIs and speedy loan approvals, our loans against property are the ideal solution to meet your immediate financial needs.

Advantages of loan against property

  • Low EMIs.
  • Speedy Loan Approvals.
  • Find the best lender for you.
  • High Loan Amounts
  • Competitive Pricing

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