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Home Loans are a breather for people today. Being funded with upto 80% of the property cost by HDFC, it turns out to be simple for anyone to go one more step nearer towards their dream home, without bearing a heavy cost at one go! The loan is typically repaid in monthly installments as scheduled and the sum payable per installment generally relies upon the loan amount availed, the interest rate, and the loan tenure. However, we understand that purchasing a house isn’t just a searched after ‘following stage’ as far as you might be concerned, yet additionally an important speculation. Thus, we expect to improve the whole cycle and make it consistent, hassle-free and smooth.We provide housing loans at attractive rates, with stretching out a protection strategy by insurance policy.

HDFC home loan Details

Loans SlabHome Loan Interest Rates(%p.a)
For Women*(upto 30 Lakhs)6.90 to 7.40
For Others* (upto 30 Lakhs)6.95 to 7.45
For Women* (30.01 Lakhs & Above)7.00 to 7.50
For Others* (30.01 Laksh & Above)7.05 to 7.55
Home Loan Balance Transfer
Home Loan Balance Transfer encourages you to lessen your EMIs by moving your outstanding principal from other banks to the one which offers you a lower rate.Home Loan Balance Transfer or Refinancing or basically Balance Transfer is the process that allows you to profit by the rates offered by the other bank. In the event that you have an existing home loan with one bank, you can transfer the home loan to another bank with a lesser.
Are you eligible for a Home Loan?
There are a few elements which decide if you are qualified to apply for a housing loan or not. These incorporate your monthly salary or income, your credit score, your repayment ability, age and number of dependents, and your tentative arrangements. Apply now to know more about the housing loan eligibility for your profile
How do you calculate the EMI for your Home Loan?
The monthly installments to be paid depends on your loan amount, rate of interest and total tenure. You can calculate your EMI on the EMI calculator tool. The max tenure of any home can be upto 25 years.

What are the documents that you need for a Home Loan?

Check your Eligibility

Check your eligibility

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